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Welcome To Collecting Christie

Collecting is often a consequence of finding something enjoyable and then wanting to have possessions that provide a tangible connection to that experience.  It is no wonder that collecting items related to the life and works of Agatha Christie is a wide spread passion of some many individuals worldwide. As the most published novelist of all time, with book sales estimated to exceed 4 billion, with translations in other 100 languages, and with one book alone selling over 100 million copies, it is no wonder that collecting items related to Christie is tremendously popular.  But while collections related to authors general extend to books, most notably first editions, Christie was a rare individual in that her oeuvre extended to stage plays, radio dramas, television and film, continuation novels and story inspired art. Consequently the opportunities for collectors are very broad. This range of choices for collecting includes options that are financially accessible for almost everyone to those that can become cost prohibitive for many.  The aim of Collecting Christie to provide transparency and knowledge to all the ways in which one can collect Christie related items.  These insights should enable building the desired collection while avoiding pitfalls & financial risks.

Christie items have proved over time to be blue chip collectibles.  While there are many authors who have one or two highly collectible books, I would argue there are only two authors who have a range of books and other items (with tie ins to film, paperbacks, art and continuation editions) that have reached this blue chip status:  Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie. Given the breadth and range of Christie related items, it was only a matter of time that a resource such as Collecting Christie became available for those interested in all things Christie.  In the prior years, many Christie related items have increased in value significantly while others have shown to be of little value.  This may be important to some and not to others as collecting what you enjoy should generally be the first rule of any collector. However, having perspective on the appropriate value of items is essential to those building a collection where funds need to be wisely spent.  Collecting Christie will strive to clarify what is scarce and what is prolific, while also providing current market valuations across all sub-categories of Christie related collectibles.  Enjoy!

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