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Video Celebration: 100 Years of Tommy & Tuppence.

For the 2022 Agatha Christie International Festival I was asked to create a video to celebrate 100 years of Tommy & Tuppence - the partners in crime - through the lens of a collector. the video went live on the Festival's YouTube channel this Monday and can now be viewed on demand (link below). It is just over 30 minutes long and discusses the five books in the series. I examine collecting first edition hard backs, as well as later printings and paperbacks. I also discuss other collectibles, including related art, photographs and music. The video provides images of all the books and includes some of the related music - including the song "Partners in Crime" with the lyrics which was not used in the television show. Lastly, I share my hope to one day find a video of the television production that starred Ronald Reagan as Tommy!

I hope you enjoy the video. Please leave comments on the YouTube page - I'll be certain to read them.

Lastly, today we celebrate the remembrance of Agatha Christie's birthday. She has made a lasting impact in this world for so many, something for which we will be forever grateful.


David Morris.

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