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Wanted: Collections to feature!

Since we started "Collecting Christie" we've had many enquiries from readers seeking insights and knowledge as they build their collections. We know there's a demand for independent knowledge. Usually our articles have focused on topics such as auction reviews, identifying true firsts, paperback collectibles, ephemera and related-art. In addition to exposing our readers to new areas of collecting, a core goal has always been to empower collectors with knowledge and insights. Now we'd like to add a new concept to our feature articles - Collection & Collector Profiles.

We believe there would be tremendous value for all Christie fans and collectors if we share the unique collector experiences of our readers. If you've received value over the years from our articles, then its time to give back and share your knowledge. Your collection could be small or large, affordable or rare. In fact, it doesn't matter what you collect as long as it relates to enjoying the works and life of Agatha Christie. Maybe you collect hardbacks, paperbacks, modern reprints, foreign language editions, film posters, DVDs, autographs, or stamps. We want to share both your journey as a collector as well as highlights from your collection. You can also ask us to keep you anonymous when we write the article. Overall though, we hope you can share insights that will help other collectors benefit from your wisdom and experience.

If you would be interested in sharing, please email us at . Share a few brief comments about your collection's focus and your collecting journey (such as how long you've been collecting). Also let us know where you are located as our readers span the globe. This will help us determine how to best connect with you as we will follow up with all those who express interest. We'll likely only profile a few collections each year - assuming we get some interest!

Don't be shy!

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