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REVIEW: The World of Agatha Christie Jigsaw Puzzle

The latest addition to the world of Agatha Christie themed jigsaw puzzles has already been released in the UK, and is now available in the USA (as of 16 August 2022) and other parts of the world.

In years past, most jigsaw puzzles related to Agatha Christie’s works were ‘puzzle mysteries’ – where a Christie short-story was partially read, the puzzle assembled, and the clues in the image were meant to help you solve the crime before reading the rest of the story. These puzzles were very challenging because no image was provided to aid in the assembly. While certainly enjoyable for puzzle solvers and Christie fans alike, the concept often under-delivered the experience many Christie fans sought as there really wasn’t an ‘a-ha’ moment. That said, they are great fun and an article we wrote in late 2020 profiled all the puzzles created by BePuzzled and Paul Lamond – the two firms that created them (article link).

Now in 2022, we have a new entrant to the puzzling scene – The World of Agatha Christie by Laurence King Publishing with 1000 pieces. Agatha Christie Limited has provided the rights to Laurence King Publishing to create two items this year – The World of Agatha Christie puzzle is the first. The second will be a 'Bingo' game (release likely in October both in the UK and US).

“My family has long had a passion for puzzles and this would be a great addition to the puzzle table at Greenway, my great grandmother’s home. The illustration is extraordinary and covers all the facets of her life and works. Every time I look at it I find something else, and am sure that others will have a similar experience. I hope this will be the first of many such collaborations.”

- James Prichard, Chair of Agatha Christie Ltd.

The quote above really says it all. It is a wonderful ensemble image that blends together the life of Agatha Christie the person with Agatha Christie the writer.

The Clues:

While the box and insert state there are 90 “clues to solve”, it would be more accurate to state they are “connections to make”.

The puzzle is chock-a-block full with images that challenge you to remember the book it connects with or the moment in Christie’s life. For example, what book do you associate with the image of the ‘Chipping Cleghorn Gazette’, or a Tunisian dagger, or a fish paste sandwich? Likewise, what connection do you make with Christie’s life when you see the mug that read’s ‘Don’t be greedy’ on it, or the picture of the Ikoson building? Side note: we previously wrote a full article about this building & the world of spies (article link).

The Artist:

Tremendous credit must be given to the artist, Ilya Milstein, who created the image. I have no doubt he received tremendous support from researchers and fans alike who assisted in providing all the ideas for inclusion, but to package them together as he did is a unique feat.

It should also be noted that the puzzle pieces themselves have a wonderful feel to them. They appear to have been coated in a way that gives them a very pleasant feel – less cardboard and more glossy – that results in a positive tactile experience when assembling it.

The puzzle also comes with a large scale fold out of the complete image with an explanation about all the images and their connections to Christie and her books on the rear.

In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed assembling this puzzle and would expect any fan of Christie would also. We can’t wait to see what the bingo game is that Laurence King Publishing creates. Hopefully there are more puzzles in their future too - perhaps something focused on the world of ‘Collecting Christie’!

Happy Puzzling!

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