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NEW REVIEW: The Agatha Christie Bingo Game

The Agatha Christie Bingo game is the latest addition to the world of Agatha Christie themed games. Released in the autumn of 2022, this game comes from Laurence King Publishing who most generously provided us with a complimentary one.

Many Christie fans who enjoy jigsaw puzzles likely obtained their puzzle “The World of Agatha Christie” – released earlier this year. We wrote a review of this also - click here if you would like to read about it.

Agatha Christie Limited provided the rights to Laurence King Publishing to create two items this year (2022) – first the jigsaw puzzle and now this bingo game.

“We are very excited to see the new Agatha Christie Bingo from Laurence King. The game is cleverly illustrated, informative, and perfect to bring a crowd of fans together. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do”

- James Prichard, Chair of Agatha Christie Ltd.

The bingo game boards are adorned with a random sampling of Christie characters or items from on her novels - which are really well done. So rather than numbers to find you will be seeking to match images such as Tuppence Beresford, a poisoned glass of champagne, The Pale Horse pub sign, or Peter – the fox terrier.

Tremendous credit must again be given to the artist, Ilya Milstein, who created the images used in this game. When I reviewed the jigsaw puzzle earlier this year, I commented on how his artistry added some much depth to that puzzle. Well he’s done it again here and the stylistic elements have continued over connecting the puzzle and the game visually. As I said then, I still have no doubt he received tremendous support from researchers and fans alike who assisted in providing all the ideas for inclusion. Ilya Milstein is a graphic artist who was born in Milan, raised in Melbourne, and presently lives and works in New York. In 2018 he was a winner of ADC Young Guns.

The bingo game is now broadly available around the world – just in time for the Christmas holidays. For those seeking to bring the world of Christie’s characters and stories to those less familiar with them, including children, I think this game is a great introduction to the world of Christie. Hopefully it will lead to increased readers of her works for we all benefit when Agatha's characters and novels stay relevant and popular. For those who are already fans, I have no doubt the game will be a fun diversion over the holidays - it already has been in our household.

Game specifics:

The game comes with a booklet containing all the characters and items from the books, with background and insights on all of them. There is a game board with 64 corresponding image chips, a cloth bag for storage, 12 game cards so you can have different boards to play and 200 counters used to cover the images once called. The game is designed for 2-8 player aged 6 or older. The regular full retail price is £25.00 (UK) or $35.00 (US). Local pricing will be similar.

Happy Bingoing!

Note: While we did receive a complimentary game, this is not a paid review, but our own independent opinion.

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