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  • Chase Tytler

INSIGHTS: Agatha Christie Montblanc Pens

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Every year since 1992, Montblanc has been creating pens that celebrate famous writers. In 1993, the pens in the Writers Edition were created in honour of Agatha Christie and based on the classic style of the early 1920s. According to Montblanc "around the cap, made of black precious resin, winds a snake made of 925 sterling silver, which hints at the creeping tension of the author’s novels and also serves as the clip of the pen. The eyes of the snake are set with two rubies that glint bewitchingly. The head of the snake is also engraved on the rhodium-plated 18-karat gold nib. Each Agatha Christie Writers Edition pen is also decorated with the signature of the grande dame of the crime novel."

Long-term collectibility / values: Given the very large quantity of pens, it is surprising the values these items still garner. Full original boxes and paperwork are necessary to justify top values. Condition and usage should also be assessed. Prices are commonly in the $500 - $2,000 range depending on the type of instrument. See 'sold' items on Ebay or recent auction results for an accurate understanding of where the market it. Given the volume for sale at any time, pricing is very transparent. Long-term appreciation is unlikely to be more than inflation or the price changes newer Writers Edition issuances experience.

Official Name: Montblanc Agatha Christie Writers Edition Limited Edition Fountain Pen Colour: Black.

Production: Approximately 35,000 units (including sets of 3) were made. The standard fountain pen: 23,000 units. The ballpoint: 18,000 units. Sets of the fountain pen, ballpoint and mechanical pencil: 7,000 units. The Limited Edition 4810 fountain pen (gold plated clip and sapphire eyes): 4,810 units. Materials: Precious resin cap with white logo, serpent clip in 925 Sterling Silver, Ruby set as serpents eyes. Gold plating on certain items. Nib Size & Material: Fine. Rhodium plated 18 karat 750 gold nib with serpent head engraving. Filling Mechanism: Piston filler. Measurements: 140mm capped, 128mm uncapped, 168mm posted. Price: RRP $595 USD for the regular fountain pen back in 1993.